RE-SPLY is a marketplace for authenticated lifestyle products. We connect consignors and buyers creating a dedicated marketplace for authenticated lifestyle products.


Request for Re-SPly

We take on the full sales process on behalf of seller from product images, listing details, item collection and delivery to purchasing customer.


We Do the Work for You

We examine photograph, price and details of your items and ask you to ship us the items you want to re-sell. We can also provide pick up services in case you are unable to deliver goods to us.


We Sell & You Get Paid

Lastly we sell your items with in maximum 30 days and give you your amount of sold item up to 87% of your items.

Need More Info?

Q: What is the price structure?

We analyze your items and price demand and then try to re-sell items you want on your price. We keep 13% of every order. So you get paid 87% of your demand.

Q: What do we accept?

We accept women’s and men’s fashion Clothing, Watches, Accessories(Bags, Caps, Hats...) and Sneakers etc. Items must be in good (moderate wear), very good (light wear), excellent (new without tags) or pristine (new with tags) condition.

Q: How much do I earn?

You can earn up to 87% of the selling price for your items. The more you sell, the more you earn.

Q: How long does it take to sell items?

Items normally take 20 to 30 days once they are live at the store.

Why Choose Us?

Amazingly Easy

We offer free in-home pickup, free shipping or drop-off.

We Sell Fast

Most items sell within 30 days to our luxury shoppers.

You Get Paid More

You earn up to 87% of the sale price for your items. Up to 4 times more than with other resellers.

It's Sustainable

Consigning extends the life-cycle of luxury items, giving new life and respect to designer pieces.